Sunday, June 16, 2013

U.S. Intervention in Haiti

"How have the Haitians responded to the presence of U.S. Marines in their country?"

     It appears as though the Haitians are preparing for an upraise. They are unsatisfied with our efforts to help them. Haiti's currency was taken control of and kept from the Haitians in an effort to keep them safe. The U.S. military was asked to protect the Haitian's gold reserves, and we graciously did so. Our marines landed in Port au Prince on December 17, 1914. We moved their gold supply to the Haitian bank's New York vaults in an effort to keep it safe. We, as Americans see it as our duty to protect foreign lives and property, so we decided to place Port au Prince under martial law. We also put down armed resistance in rural area and began teaching Haitians new militia tactics.
     The Haitians are not taking our support lightly. They are constantly creating resistance movements and attacking us, accusing us of insulting them and oppressing them. In involving ourselves in the affairs of Haiti, we created a body of people against us. We promised stability and guaranteed enforcement by military occupation. Our only intentions were to protect, and protect we did. There seems to be a building opposition and our only option is to put it down.

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