Sunday, June 16, 2013

U.S. Intervention in Haiti

"How have the Haitians responded to the presence of U.S. Marines in their country?"

     It appears as though the Haitians are preparing for an upraise. They are unsatisfied with our efforts to help them. Haiti's currency was taken control of and kept from the Haitians in an effort to keep them safe. The U.S. military was asked to protect the Haitian's gold reserves, and we graciously did so. Our marines landed in Port au Prince on December 17, 1914. We moved their gold supply to the Haitian bank's New York vaults in an effort to keep it safe. We, as Americans see it as our duty to protect foreign lives and property, so we decided to place Port au Prince under martial law. We also put down armed resistance in rural area and began teaching Haitians new militia tactics.
     The Haitians are not taking our support lightly. They are constantly creating resistance movements and attacking us, accusing us of insulting them and oppressing them. In involving ourselves in the affairs of Haiti, we created a body of people against us. We promised stability and guaranteed enforcement by military occupation. Our only intentions were to protect, and protect we did. There seems to be a building opposition and our only option is to put it down.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Class Recap 6/10, 6/11

We have just been working on our immigrant's guide to the west for the past classes. Laurel and I have already finished ours, so we are just working on our study guides for the history final.

Justice: What it means to be an American

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Class Recap 6/6, 6/7

For the past two days in history, we have been catching up on projects. We worked on the immigrant's guide and the Smithsonian quests.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Class Recap 5/31, 6/4

On Friday, we had the entire class to work on the integrated project. I am working with Laurel. We decided on targeting the Norwegian immigrants and started to divvy up the work between us. We worked on the project for the period.
Monday was a half day so we did not have class, so on Tuesday we worked on the projects again. It has been a calm couple of classes.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Class Recap 5/28, 5/29

     On Tuesday in class, we went to the computer lab. We answered some quick questions on a worksheet regarding U.S. influence in Central America and surrounding areas. We sent troops in a counted 9 times in 30 years, which I find astounding. After we filled in the sheet, we went to a different website and chose a question to answer regarding Latin America. We read a document and then proceeded to put our 2-3 paragraph response in our blog. I have yet to finish my response, but it will be up in my blog very soon.
     Today in class, we worked on a sheet that organized our thoughts of the U.S. and whether they were a good neighbor or an imperial power. We looked at different amendments and laws that were established during the time period and talked about the U.S.'s intentions through each of the events. It was nice to gather all of the information from the past week or so.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Class Recap 5/22, 5/23

Wednesday's class was basically an extension of Tuesday's class. We continued on with Roosevelt's Corollary. It was interesting to put the Corollary into our own words and pull apart each section. I think it was extremely beneficial to me because now I am confident that I know it front and back, inside and out.
Today, we went to the computer lab and worked on our Smithsonian projects. I hope that we have at least one more class to work because I am close to being done as it is.